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Reply VladimirFaro
10:11 AM on February 22, 2018 
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Reply Stella
11:41 AM on June 27, 2015 
Name: Talon

Gender: Male

Description: Talon is Crystal's brother, also an American Eskimo breed, but looks nothing like her sister. He has pitch black fur and not a speck of white in sight. His brown eyes and perky ears with a long muzzle show that he would be a great hunter, and his big paws and flexible body show that he would be a great fighter, although he doesn't know how to do either - yet. He was raised a simple pet with a three person family, and was only trained to do the simple tricks such as sit and shake. With no wildlife instincts, he would have to learn the ways of life without humans and use his body to his advantage. Will this handsome dog survive in the rough wild?

Personality: Although Talon is a big dog and might look fierce, he is really quite kind and playful - especially playful. When meeting a new dog, he is cautious and does use his body to look fierce, but quickly lets down the guard as soon as he knows who the dog is. Talon would have no chance in a fight since he has no moves and knows nothing about it whatsoever. Talon has a lot to learn, but he will become a great dog.
Reply Stella
11:13 AM on June 9, 2015 
Name: Crystal

Gender: Female

Description: Crystal is an American Eskimo breed and her beautiful white fur frames her perfectly. She is deffinetley a very beautiful dog with great skills. Her humans taught her lots of tricks and even trained her to do the obstacle course. Now that her humans were gone, she would forget these lessons and learn new ones: such as how to hunt. Crystal's eyes glow a beautiful milky brown and her long tail waves behind her elegantly. The perky ears on top of her head say she has a wonderful sense of hearing and her nose is also very strong in the smell department. Overall, Crystal is a very beautiful dog.

Personality: Crystal has always been a nice dog, treating others with respect and kindness. Since she was nice, when humans were still around she had lots and lots of friends, but no close ones. Now that the city is flooded, she hoped to find someone close her and they can survive together. Her dreams also consist of making a pack, but she knows that might not be very likely. Crystal doesn't get into fights very often, she more often gets into verbal fights, but even those are rare. Overall her personality is very kind and loving, and she forgives easily.