Tame the Wild

Welcome to the dog/wolf roleplay called 'Tame the Wild'! Afraid this is just dogs? Well, in that case, we are dogs and wolves! Here, you can choose to be a dog who is living in a flooded city, or a wolf struggling to survive in the grasp of man kind. You decide. But remember, you can be tame, or you can be wild.

How To Keep The Wild Tame

1. Be active, or you will loose and be eaten.

2. Be nice. Nobody likes a bully. They will gang up on you and attack you.

3. Use appropriate language. The dogs and wolves will not accept your bad language.


Tame the Wild was created in June of 2015 by Amari. We were inspired by Dogs of the Drowned City and Wattpad stories. We like the thought of our K-9 friends and the closest relative of the K-9 coming together into one big roleplay. Why don't you come and test it out? We don't bite.